Powerful Magick
powerful magic
If you are serious about getting proper, powerful and safe spells then there is no better option than employing a professional to help you. I no longer practice magick for anyone but my family and close friends. This is because over the last 68 years I have made A LOT of friends. Many of whom come to me from time to time for help and to share their success with me. Unfortunately this now leaves me with no time for others, much as I would love to help.

Since retiring from 'professional' service provision I have passed on further requests for help to witches I know are proficient in love spells, money spells, and protective magicks.

The following are witches whom I know have had success and are safe. They do not employ any dark arts or voodoo.

For more powerful Spells

I recommend the following great Resources...

Witchcraft Exposed A Best seller! This contains valuable information and techniques for experienced AND novice magick workers

Red Magick Love Spells You can purchase this excellent grimmoire directly and safely online. It conains many startling and foolproof spells - Many requiring no special equipment.

Great Non-MAGICKAL resources are at Amazing Techniques :