My name is Salzatha Bobo and I am am wiccan witch (Wicce). I have been practicing for most of my adult life, and performed spells, (especially love spells), rituals and charms for a living. I have made a life (and living) for myself doing what I love. I stopped performing magick "to order" in 1999.
I am also experienced in several other traditional crafts and have had some experience with both voodoo and hoodoo. I am also a trained psychic healer.

I have been married 'handfasted' for 10 years to my husband Erik. We still routinely use love spells on each other along with other techniques which keep our marriage strong.

I am a specialist in fire magicks. although as a wiccan priestess I use all
4 elements. When I lived in Stone Town, Zanzibaar I even had a pet Salamander!

I have a natural talent for healing and love spells, and get startling results.

My first ever spell was a Love Spell which I cast on a boy 4 years older than myself when I was 12. Needless to say it didn't work! I was completely besotted with this boy and was determined to to everything that I could to get him to love me.

Love Spells can be some of the hardest spells to master, I should know - it took me over 8 years before I could get a love spell to work. Money spells on the other hand (especially cast on oneself) can be made to workout too much energy being spent. This is largely because Money Spells cast on myself for me were working with my own personal desires. Love Spells are often cast onto either an unwilling or unknowing recipient.

If you are already a student of witchcraft, or if you're just staring out on your journey, I hope my site will act as a resevoir of knowledge and provide resources for all your needs

I shall be added further content regularly so bookmark this site for future reference.