The Love Spell Secrets of Kandesierta Ho
(High Priest and Initiator)
"Not all magic is magick" - Kandesierta Ho

Kandesierta Ho (Cassie to me) was my Wicca mentor when I was about 20. She was in her eighties by then but looked about 55!. I could tell a hundred tales of my occult learnings with her (I'm planning to start - honest). However the thing I learnt that one day helping her cook rice in her kitchen was that there are extra additional ways of increasing the effect of ALL magic spells (including Love Spells - for which I was to become notorious for).

There are secret ways people's minds work she told me. Make no mistake people can be bent to your will if you know the right techniques, and even more so if you happen to know the Real spells.

Would you like to know these secret techniques?

This is not magick - but they work like magic. The following products increase your pychological skills and teach you secret techniques. They have increased effect when combined with Love Spells but will also work alone. I have used them for myself and others in combination with Wiccan Spells and Rituals.

These are products that I have bought AND USED WITH GOOD EFFECT. They enhance any form of magic spells and I recommend them to you if you want to become a TRUE MASTER of people's desires!

My Top Rated Personally Recommended Secrets

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