Money Spells

Money Spells DO work
. They all however work best in conjunction with OTHER techniques.

Don't forget 'You cast the spells on yourself AND YOUR ACTIONS'
You must do something to stand a good chance of hard cash raining down on you. It Is easier for the cash to come from an action in conjunction with your money spell, than for the money spell to have to act on nothing.

So what's the best type of action for my seplls to work on? I'll let you into an open secret - you're using it right now! That's right...THE EASIEST FORM OF INCOME IS FROM THE INTERNET. Millions of people buy everything from white goods to their wedding online. I suggest using all of your money spells over a period of time spent working the internet.

The next open secret is thatTHE EASIEST FORM OF INCOME IS VIA MARKETING. This is because you don't need to
have any product of your own. You should use any proven technique to start the money flowing in passive ways while you sleep.

The trick part is deciphering how you're going to do this. There are PROVEN easy techniques that work with very little effort. I have listed below what is considered to be the best.


The Ultimate Wealth Package
This is a package that 2 of my friends have used, and continue to use. One of them has been an initaited wicce (witch) and used several of her favorite Powerful Spells as well as this package. They have both received (a LOT of) money using this system with less efforts than they used to spend on their 'day-shifts'.