In the Vedic Age, talented mystics were recognized and called yogins (fem.: yoginī); wrongful magic was called abhichāra. One of the four holy Vedas of the Hindus, the Atharva Veda, itself contains semi-magical incantations, chiefly against such sorcerers meaning harm to the Aryan peoples. In modern Hindi, a witch is called chudail or Daayan, and is greatly feared even today as a potential harm by many of the illiterate villagers. There have been quite number of cases where old women have been burned to death by villagers on the notion of she being witch.


Many Pakistanis due to a heavy Islamic influence strongly believe in the concept of Black Magic. Many cases of witch-burning were reported in late 60s and early 70s. Some women were also honour killed due to their alleged practice of witchcraft.

In Pakistan, a woman seen with her feet pointed backwards and without toes is considered to be a witch or a creature of darkness. Though many have claimed to have encountered such a creature, it is widely regarded as being mythical.